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STORMVOGEL racing at the'16 Melges 32 World Championship

Sailing begins Thursday morning at the 2016 Melges 32 Class Association World Championship in Newport, Rhode Island. Hosted by Sail Newport September 29~October 2, the New Orleans YC-based corinthian team skippered by Chris Wientjes is preparing to face a dozen strong US & international competitors, including Stockholm's INGA FROM SWEDEN who recently moved up 8' from the M24, LA PERICOLOSA from Germany, VITAMINA and the defending champion STIG from Italy and Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio's G-SPOT from Monaco.

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  '16 challenge cup file pic

NOYC team wins the '16 J30 North American Championship

Team ZEPHYR, sailing the J30 MONDIAL, has won the 2016 J30 North Americans at host club Eastport YC on the Severn River in Annapolis, Maryland, September 22-25, with a seven race no throwout total of 14 points, 12 ahead of 2nd place CANNONBALL 2.0.

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image > Anne Arundel

'16 Great Lake Race

Images from the 2016 Great Lake Race on Saturday afternoon, September 24. along with some Amy Winehouse.

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Gulfport sailor electrocuted

in accident at GYC

20 year old John Harrison Doucet from Gulfport, Mississippi, suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns over 75% of his body and both legs required amputation following a high-voltage electrocution while touching a trailer hitch at Gulfport Yacht Club on Sunday, September 18. A GoFundMe account has been established to assist his family in their tragic moment of need to help offset the incredible medical, transportation and housing expenses that now lie ahead. If possible, please consider a donation of kindness in any amount. Thank you very much!!!

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images > Dawson Doucet

Congrats Team SYC!

Shore pics from the SYC Fall Series, Friday Twilight sailing, some NOS instagram images and a shout out to Team SYC, 2016 New York Yacht Club Resolute Cup winners, along with some AC/DC.

Live at Donington

Vote for Clerc at US Sailing until Oct. 8

New Orleans sailor Clerc Cooper, at the helm of the Melges 24 KRYPTONITE, has been nominated for one of three Board of Director openings at the United States Sailing Association, the national governing body for the sport of sailing in America. USSA members are encouraged to participate in the selection process and on-line voting is encouraged now through October 8.

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SYC wins the '16 NYYC Resolute Cup 

Jackson Benvenutti, Andrew Eagan and skipper Marcus Eagan have won the 2016 Resolute Cup by 28 points at New York YC's Harbour Court in Newport, a corinthian fleet racing championship regatta between 28 top US yacht clubs held September 12-17, with nine top 3 finishes and a Championship Series total of 12 points. Southern Yacht Club now has an invite to the '17 Rolex NYYC Invitatonal Cup to be held in Swan 42's. 

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images > Stuart Streuli/NYYC, Paul Stuart Todd/Outside Images

Performance Handicap Fall Series 9.17

A few shore pics of racers on course at the '16 SYC Performance Handicap Fall Series on Saturday, September 17.

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Performance Handicap Fall Series 9.11

Day one race 1 images from the '16 SYC Performance Handicap Fall Series on Sunday, September 11, along with some Led Zeppelin.

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Friday night at the lake

A few pics from the lakefront at West End on Friday evening, September 9. The days are getting shorter...2016 Friday Twilight Racing ends on September 23


SYC 2nd at GYA Lipton Challenge

Pass Christian YC takes the victory with a final day race 4 win and 8 total points at the annual Gulf Yachting Association Sir Thomas Lipton Challenge September 3-5 at Buccaneer YC on Mobile Bay, followed by Southern YC in 2nd and Bay-Waveland in 3rd.

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image > Catherine Martin Cromartie/GYA

Basin Lakeview Twilight Racing Series #3

Sailors enjoyed a beautiful sunset during NOYC Wednesday Night Racing on the last day of August in New Orleans. The days are getting shorter. Fall & lower humidity are almost here!


11 years post-Hurricane Katrina

Damaged and still unrepaired, an operating marina at a fraction of it's capacity with no electricity or water service and littered with debris and sunken boats.

Welcome to the Municipal Yacht Harbor boat graveyard at West End.

August 30, 2016, eleven years after the storm.


SYC Sr. Lipton Eliminations

Sailors, Scots & Mr. Marley on Saturday, August 27.


21st annual Pam Sintes Memorial Regatta

The goal of the NOYC/Sintes Boat Works PSMR on August 27, benefiting the New Orleans Family Justice Center, was to encourage female participation in sailing & racing and is dedicated to and honors the memory of Pamela, a victim of domestic violence who was taken from her family & friends in 1993 at the age of 34. Slideshow music > Pat Benatar

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