2016 Southshore Winter Series #1 - NEW ORLEANS SAILING

'16 Southshore Winter Series  

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Race 3  3.6

The race 3 final of the 2016 Southshore Winter Series on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with temp's in the 70's and a gusty southeasterly at 15-18.

Race 2  2.28

Southshore Winter Series racing on a warm, breezy 70f Sunday with a gusty southerly at 10-15. JUDICOUS scores a knockout in non-spinnaker and TIGI TOO uppercuts the spin division.

Race 1  1.31

KRYPTONITE wins spinnaker division and PALOMA takes the non-spin victory at race one of the 2016 SWS, the first southshore race of 2016 on a warm Sunday afternoon with a gusty southerly @ 15-18.

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